As Above / So Below Elixir

As Above / So Below Elixir combines the otherworldly magick of blue lotus, mugwort, marsh mallow, and rowan berries with brandy and local wildflower honey to aide deep sleep, assist in travel and astral projection, or thin the veil for spirit communication. Available in a 1 or 2 oz clear glass bottle with a cap.

Blue Lotus: Mild sedative that improves quality of sleep and intensifies visual imagery in lucid dreams.

Mugwort: Aids in attaining calm, deep sleep; astral travel, and enhanced lucid or prophetic dreaming

Organic Orange Peel: Rejuvenates your cells, restoring vitality for a feeling of youth and weightlessness

Marsh Mallow: Attracts benevolent spirits and grounds them to the earthly realm for better communication

Rowan Berries: Used for magical purposes for thousands of years. Adds power to any magick, protects from possession of evil spirits, aids in shape shifting and spirit summoning

Sweet Cinnamon: Offers protection

Take 1-2 spoonfuls before bed or spirit work


Spirit Anointing Oil, Smudge Sticks, Quartz-Tipped Palo Santo Sticks, and Psychic Dream Pillows

Sleep Aid Lucid Dream Astral Projection Spirit Communication Seance